Harvey   Spray Paint and Harvey Rain on Canvas 13" x 19" Print 2017

Spray Paint and Harvey Rain on Canvas
13" x 19" Print


Today the rains have eased up and the water has drained from my neighborhood. I'm extremely fortunate because I know so many people around this city and state are suffering. I went with some friends to drop off donations and attempt to volunteer at a donation center, but we were turned away because they were overwhelmed with volunteers. That is a testament to the people of this city. After returning home, I was able to paint for the first time since Harvey struck (my "studio" is my backyard which has been underwater off and on since Friday night). Harvey was still dropping a light rain as I painted. I thought about my experience of the last several days, and this painting is what emerged. Chaos, disbelief, helplessness. But I can't wait for the paintings to come that will show the resilience and goodness of humanity that we are seeing play out in Harvey's aftermath.

–Erick Sandlin
August 29, 2017

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All proceeds from the sale of prints of this painting will go to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Shipping is included for domestic shipping. Prints will ship in approximately two weeks because I am using a local Houston printer and supplies and shipping are still being affected in the aftermath of Harvey.

Thank you to Melissa Fitzgerald West for photographing the painting and Houston Art Prints for making the prints.